Holiday in Cambodia


A holiday is a time to take a break from the regular tiresome routine and school. The world has plenty of places to make your holiday unforgettable. One of such sites is Cambodia. It’s a country found in the Mekong Delta and Gulf of Thailand coastline.

Cambodia is one of the many countries that depend on the tourism sector to boosts its economy. There’s a lot the country has to offer for both foreigners and local tourists. Over the past years, the percentage of tourist have significantly increased. A good example was in 2013 when tourism arrivals rose by 17.5%.

The question is, what makes this state flock in with countless tourists annually?

What lures the foreigners to visit the country every time?

Cambodia has plenty of activities to spice up your holiday, let’s take a look at some of these fun activities to do during your holiday in Cambodia.

Visiting The National Museum Of Cambodia

It may seem somehow dull, but in real sense is it’s always exciting to get to learn the history of another foreign country. It is the largest museum in the country.

The National Museum Of Cambodia is located in the north of the Royal Palace.

The place is rich in history, containing collections from all over the world; a good example is the Khmer sculpture. There’s always the Angkor collection which includes statues of Shiva from 9th-11th century

Attending Cooking Classes

Learning how to cook a foreign dish is fantastic. On raining days while in Cambodia, attending some cooking classes an excellent way of passing the time. As you familiarize with the cuisine of Cambodia, you also get the opportunity to learn more about their culture. You can attend some cooking class in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

Get the opportunity of learning how to cook famous dishes like deep-fried tarantulas and also snakes. Cambodian dishes may not only look mouth-watering but also carry a unique taste.

Ride The Bamboo Train

We are all used to electric train and the coal train from way back history. Imagine yourself boarding a train made from bamboo sticks?

That’s the experience of a lifetime right there. It’s a convenient means of transport for the remote villagers.

After being closed down in 2017, the train began operating again 20km south of Battambang. At this point, it was used to cater for transport needs of visitors in the Banan temple area. Boarding the train is not only fun but also a great opportunity of seeing the landscape of the rural regions of Cambodia.

Sail To Koh Rong Island

When it comes to marine life in Cambodia, rest assured you have seen nothing till set foot in Koh Rong Island. A boat-ride to this magical place, surrounded by azure waters, will give your holiday the genuine experience it deserves.

The Island is surrounded by beauty derived from mother nature.

What could be more refreshing than finishing your holiday in a fine beautiful beach while sipping cocktails as you wash the sunset?

Yes, it’s a fantastic place to be, but there’s a precise period to tour Cambodia. There’s a particular period to set for your holiday in this specific place. What’s the best time to visit Cambodia?

From November to January, it’s usually the peak season. Prices are generally high as the country is packed with tourists. However, January is the best time to visit, and the temperatures are usually cool and dry. February is also a good time but towards the end of the mouth, Mango rains usually start.

Things Not To Do In Cambodia

As you visit Cambodia, remember, there are some things you ought to familiarize with, these are things that you should refrain from while in Cambodia.

  • Avoid drinking tap water; its usually unhygienic and can cause stomach upsets.
  • Never disrespect the monks. Only take pictures of them after asking for permission.
  • Strolling casually in the temple is forbidden.
  • Dress modestly to avoid drawing attention or offend the locals.


There’s plenty to do in Cambodia, and the above is one of the many things to engage. However, as you enjoy your holiday take not of the things not to participate in, you would not want to short live your holiday. Make enough and good memories, and it will make your holiday-worthy.

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